Obesity and its related health conditions are major problems in our society. The rise in childhood obesity is particularly alarming. Organizations, corporations, and health care providers are taking steps to address this issue. WRF seeks to address this issue through an initiative titled healthy families—learn the facts—eat healthily and– get active.

Under this initiative, the “#ifit healthy lifestyle club” is an experiential engaging, and informative after-school program for the students at drew-freeman middle school in Suitland, Maryland. WRF has carried out this program since 2013 which focuses on working with the students, their families, and the school to build healthy lifestyle choices that can impact obesity levels among middle school students. The goal of this program is to encourage healthier eating habits and increased physical activity, which promotes an improved quality of life. The program offers interactive fun, physical activities, nutrition information, grocery shopping, field trips, and preparation of tasty healthy foods. It is believed that such healthy lifestyle changes will reduce diseases such as obesity, hypertension, and high cholesterol. ​